Bathroom trends 2021: luxurious and elegant tiled floor drains

Đăng ngày: 06/August Bởi Cong Tan


Along with the tendency of living space enhancement, tiled floor drains are becoming more and more popular in modern interior structures. Tiled floor drains are loved for their high aesthetics to create a beautiful relaxing space for the bathroom, while still ensuring quick drainage.

What is a tiled floor drain?

The floor drain is a basic and important piece of equipment in the bathroom. Its common appearance is in a gray-white color of metal and designed with drainage trenches on the surface, which cause less aesthetics when combined with the bathroom floor.

The introduction of tiled floor drains helps to meet the increased aesthetic demand for bathroom or toilet interiors. It is constructed with a box-shaped hopper cover, which is easily completed by cutting a part of tile or stone to place on it. As a result, tiled floor drain brings uniformity to the bathroom floor and creates flexibility in interior decoration.

Why is it becoming more and more popular?

Tiled floor drain is increasingly popular because of its high aesthetics: creating a beautiful effect for the bathroom floor. Depending on the design intent, the user can combine the drain with any suitable bricks, not limited to colors, patterns or textures.

Once installed, the tiled drain is almost invisible, providing a perfect floor finish.Thanks to the uniform pattern of the entire floor, the bathroom is visually larger, more beautiful, luxurious, and harmonious.

Despite having a special design, the drainage capacity of the tiled floor drain is absolutely guaranteed. It only exposes 4 drainage trenches at the edge, but still ensures good drainage with many options for drainage flow. Other features such as preventing odors or preventing insects are the same as other models.

BKK-A7 tiled floor drain for your bathroom

If you are choosing a tiled hopper for your bathroom, let’s take a look at the premium floor drain BKK-A7. This floor drain is molded by monolithic 304/316/316L stainless steel to anti-rust, and meets 5 international standards: ASTM, ASME (USA), BS (UK), AS (Australia), SGS (Switzerland).

The BBK-A7 tiled floor drain has the ability of quick drainage, anti-odors, anti-insects, absolutely no leakage and is warranted for construction lifespan.

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